About Us

eggplant in bloom

Malena Produce is a third generation family owned farming and distribution company.   We are proud to be the premiere provider of an extensive line of fresh and flavorful fruits and vegetables to retailers, wholesalers, processors, foodservice distributors and operators.

We know of no other company that can claim that their legacy of quality, value and service began with eggplants.   Yes, eggplants.  Today, in addition to providing a wide array of fresh fruits and vegetables, we are North America’s largest and most valued producer of eggplants.  Our grandfather, Juan Stamos, would expect nothing less.

It was during the 1950s when he started farming that fresh, flavorful and healthy vegetable in Mexico’s fertile Sinaloa region. We are still guided by his values, commitment to innovation and hard work that created the foundation of our company’s culture and traditions.

Guided by his wisdom, what started as a small farm in Mexico is now a global leader in fresh produce. His influence inspired our strict food safety, traceability standards, as well as our commitment to our customers, and our socially responsible and sustainable growing practices.

Today, our U.S. and Mexican operations manage ten packing operations, dozens of grower partners and thousands of workers. Our U.S. headquarters is managed by an experienced and dedicated team of agribusiness, finance and sales experts focused on our customers’ needs.  And our Mexican operations are run by specialists with decades of agricultural expertise.

We also recognize that the value we provide our buyers is not just defined by the fresh fruits and vegetables we sell.  We believe in building relationships. That’s why we have marketing programs designed to help our buyers connect to consumers.

Call us at 520-281-1533 or email:  dstoller@malenaproduce.com for more information on our products, systems and services.

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